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Mission Statement

The mission of the Faith, Family and Friends organization is to promote unity in the community and provide support to those in need, particularly the elderly and youth. Faith, Family & Friends is a registered non-profit organization in the state of Indiana. The Organization was created in January 2008 in memory and honor of the late Vickie Marie Williams. Vicki was a pillar of the Indianapolis community providing assistance, counsel and care to all who knew her. She was a giving person who devoted her life to helping others, sharing her knowledge, wisdom and talents. Giving her time, money and services to those in need was her special gift. Vicki passed in February of 2007 of pancreatic cancer. The organization is committed to fulfilling her commitment to assist others in their time of need.

About Us

Board of Directors

Toni Williams Millicent Williams LaVada Clark Rhonda Greenwade Charles Clark, Jr.

President Secretary Treasurer Director Director