2012 Recipient

The VICKI is awarded to an individual who demonstrates exemplary community outreach and service. We are pleased to award...

The 2012 VICKI Award to

Reginald and Tracy Jones

Our 2012 VICKI Award was presented to Reginald and Tracy Jones, owners of McDonald's Restaurant on 16th Street for their community service through teh McMiracle on 38th Street program where they give 500 bicycles at Christmas each year to kids of Indiana public Schools. In addition, the Jones have been kind in recognizing Mr. Harry Vorhis, affectionately known as "Daddy V", who turned 102 years old in February 2012. For the past few years, he and his best friend Mr. Mays, would go to McDonalds a few mornings a week for coffee, and the Jones' gave Daddy V a big birthday party for his 101st and 102nd birthdays. Subsequently, they also threw a party for Daddy V's 103rd birthday on February 22, 2013. There were balloons, letters from the mayor's office, TV coverage, even Ronald McDonald himself! We are so pleased to present the 2012 VICKI award to Tracy and Reginald Jones.